We live in a world where perception is often reality. We take pride in offering our patients the latest technology. We are committed to stay up to speed on the latest scientific advances in the field of dentistry. One of the most exciting new tools in dentistry is the 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner. At Glen Allen Dentistry we are proud to use this intraoral scanner technology, providing our patients with many advantages.

  1. It’s more comfortable: The 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner is used to take digital impressions, which are used to create models for the fabrication of many restorations. Taking digital impressions is much more convenient and less messy than taking impressions by traditional means—using a mold. It’s also more comfortable because the paste used to create the mold often can have an unpleasant taste. Instead, the 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner can take images in just a few seconds, then transmit them wirelessly to create an accurate model.
  2. Patient education: It can be stressful when explaining a course of treatment, but you don’t understand the benefits of what is being recommended. The 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner makes communication with patients a breeze. Mere minutes after the scan is taken, the images can be displayed on a screen, providing a comprehensive view of the tooth or teeth that are being treated. Seeing is believing, and we are able to provide our patients with a greater understanding of their dental health from these images.
  3. Versatility: The 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner can be used for more treatments and restorations than you might think. In addition to traditional restorations like inlay/onlays, crowns, and veneers, the scanner technology also can be applied in procedures such as partial denture installation, temporary crowns, and abutments for dental implants.
  4. Superior quality:This digital technology is simply more accurate than any other traditional method of taking impressions. Teeth can be measured with digital precision, producing crystal-clear images in high definition. This reduces the likelihood images may have to be re-taken, or that the restorations that are fabricated will need to be adjusted or even remade.

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