The Gemini KTP Laser is the most powerful green-light laser available and has been designed to target collections of melanin, which lead to brown pigment in the skin, and excess blood vessel proliferation in the skin. The Gemini laser is a true laser, meaning it has a single wavelength (532 nanometers) instead of the more common IPL (intense pulsed light) which is filtered light. IPL is effective for some patients with light skin and dark spots, but tends to take 3-5 treatments for the sort of lasting results that can be achieved with a single KTP treatment. Alghough IPL is commonly used by nurses in Springfield, Dr. Swann operates the only Gemini KTP laser in Southwest Missouri. Our KTP laser’s narrow wavelength allows us to target facial capillaries much better than IPL with less risks and fewer treatments.

The goal in treating the skin with the Gemini KTP Laser is significant improvement of broken blood vessels leading to more even skin tone and improvements in skin texture. Additional improvements can be seen in brown spots using this laser. This can be performed with minimal downtime (2-3 days of mild swelling) and is relatively painless.