Have you ever wondered what your teeth might look like after having Invisalign treatment or braces? Now, with the iTero Element, you can see the future of your teeth and feel even more confident about a start to a better smile.

What Is It?
The iTero Element is an innovative 3D computer-imaging technology used to digitally scan your teeth and provide a simulated outcome of your orthodontic treatment.

How It Works
The iTero Element system saves you time and trouble by digitally capturing teeth and gum impressions and eliminating the need for obsolete methods like messy plaster molds. These digital scans can be viewed at your initial exam appointment and can also be sent to the lab and used to quickly create your clear plastic aligners when you choose to have Invisalign treatment.

Since treatment times at Cardinal Orthodontics are typically less than 16 months for braces and Invisalign, the sooner you start means the sooner you can show off your new smile. Now is a great time to improve your smile. We offer all patients a free initial consultation and free retainers for life!

Advantages of iTero
The iTero Intraoral Scanner provides our team with the digital imaging needed to foresee a patient’s post-treatment smile, and the ability to gauge the end results of Invisalign, metal, or ceramic braces treatment. The iTero imaging offers more precision, fewer fitting issues and a better patient experience.

Other advantages of the iTero Element:

Faster creation of Invisalign aligners and retainers
Interactive 3D visualization capabilities
Invisalign and orthodontic lab integration
Reduced treatment time